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Lüpold AG international

01. September 2017


Lüpold Hand Painted Sweeper Cleans Zurich Airport.

Lüpold AG had the official hand over of their latest Scarab Magnum Sweeper at Switzerland’s Old Timer Tractor Meeting held in Möriken. Some 1200 vehicles attended the festival along with Lüpold’s latest municipal acquisitions.


Lüpold vehicles are carefully hand painted with the vehicles operator having a direct input on how they would like their new vehicles graphics to look. The operator of the new Scarab Magnum is Oettli David he is a keen photographer with very good connections at Zurich Airport which is helpful due to his keen interest in aviation. 

Photos  by Oettli David

scarab Kloten1

The artwork on his new sweeper shows a lot about Oettli’s personality and passion for aeroplanes. In the photo below you can see the new Scarab Magnum being presented to Oettli by Willi Lüpold. We would like to thank Lüpold for their continued business and Kehrtec our Swiss Distributor for providing great support to a prestigious customer.  I think you would agree the machine looks fantastic.  



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